Sunday, January 2, 2011

happy twenty-eleven

As we start this new year, I thought I'd share pictures from my new apartment, which after paying a couple months' rent, getting a leaky gas valve replaced, and putting all my things away, I am finally feeling settled.

This photo was taken at night but shows the table I found at Goodwill and refurbished with my dad.  The wood chair I also found at Goodwill.  The two wood bookshelves and the blue arm chair are from craigslist.

My dad built me a fabulous bed that doubles as a couch during the day.  It also triples as storage with the cabinets across the back that flip up.  At night I just wheel out the mattress.

Here's a shot of it with my bedding (bird pillows handmade by my great-grandmother Gigi!) and poinsettia (a gift from my school):

This is my closet, which is actually quite large with a good amount of storage space.  I found the dresser and the five drawer chest on the right both on craigslist.  Nearly everything I bought is originally from Ikea, but I just got it at Goodwill or from another person :)

I don't have a picture of my kitchen or bathroom with things in them, so I'll try to take those in the daylight and post them next time.  I also have some artwork to put up on the walls, so I'll take a picture of those once they're up.

Here's a random picture for dad and Mike putting up the Christmas lights:

We've been having gorgeous sunny weather (although really cold) this past week or so, and my mom and Holly came over to visit me one day.  We took a walk around my neighborhood to nearby park, which has an old water tower you can climb.  We had a 360 degree view of the area.  Here's a shot of Mt. Rainier:

And here's one looking east to the 520 floating bridge, Kirkland, and the Cascades:

In early December, I got a new car!  My dad has been looking on craigslist forever, and right around the time Michael got his driver's license, he found this 2004 VW Golf.  Pretty much the same as the '98--still a stickshift--but newer and blue!  The family had to sell it because they are moving to Holland, but they've been the only owners, it has low mileage, great condition, and great price.  I absolutely love it:

One last exciting piece of news is that Holly and I are going to Washington, DC for a week in February! We're going to see two of my friends from LVC, the Uncs George and Michael, and as many monuments and museums that our time and the weather allow.  Also our Senator Patty Murray gave us tickets to go on a White House tour, so here's to hoping that we spot some or all of the Obamas :)  I'm so looking forward to's been too long.

I wish you all a happy new year!

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