Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Bear Creek School

Yesterday I started a new full time job (with benefits!) at a school out in Redmond called The Bear Creek School.  It is an independent (new term for "private" I guess), Christian, K-12 school with over 600 students.  My position is Office Assistant, and I am taking over for a girl who is starting full-time student teaching next week.  This week she is training me, introducing me to many people, and just generally encouraging me.  So far everyone I've met has been extremely friendly and welcoming--students, parents, teachers, and staff.  The pre-K teacher even brought me a latte yesterday!

Some of the things I've learned I will be doing: greeting people at the front desk, keeping track of events and the scheduling calendar, taking money and other odds & ends from students/parents, ordering supplies for the offices & teachers, and helping whoever with whatever.  A lot of it sounds quite similar to what I did in Chicago at Holy Family Lutheran School, which is why this job appealed to me!  It is wonderful to be back in a school.

The story of how I found this job is a good one; however I will have to save it for another day.  One thing I have to get used to is waking up in order to leave the house at 7:25am and get to school by 7:45am!  Definitely a different lifestyle than what I've been enjoying these last few months while working at church.  That reminds me, I will continue to produce the monthly newsletter at church, and I am quite happy to still be involved there as well as still have a hand in something writing/editing/creative.  I will also continue to babysit as that is something else I love to do!

ps, I will try to remember to take a photo at school tomorrow to post here later.

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